Solid Sandstone Steps can just be laid one on top of the other with the ends supported. This saves money by avoiding the whole forming up concrete extravaganza and gives you a much more substantial result. 

In Production

They usually roll out the door at about 1200mm long but we can cut them shorter too. They are 150mm thick but when laid on a 10-20mm mortar bed they'll end up 170mm rise. The overall breadth is over 300mm but to the arris line is 285mm . Which all add up to a very comfortable step.

Australian sandstone quarry logs cut into 150mm step treads
sandstone step solid end raw cut

Under construction.

Our solid steps laid double breadth for a whopping 600mm tread at five metres wide. That should last more than a few generations.

As simple as that

Just over lap them a little and give them some support at the ends.

sandstone steps solid span over stone
Sandstone Step Treads, solid Australian Stone.

Dice them up for the walls.

Yep, thats just another step cut up for the side walls.

sandstone step solid end raw cut

Raw cut end $0

Most step ends are never seen or if your going to cut them anyway just get the raw end..

sandstone step solid end rock-faced

Rock-faced end $19

Just like the front of the step. Remember this will reduce the step about 40mm for each end that you do.

sandstone steps solid end honed

Honed end $29

For super tight joins or if that just the look your going for.