hand picking the perfect sandstone blocks
Large Sydney sand stone quarry blocks
sandstone walls with 100mm sandstone capping.

           Sandstone "Yellow block" is right under our feet and thats why you won't go wrong with having your project fit in with its surroundings. It has a tiny carbon footprint so you can sleep well knowing it was quarried by adults under strict Aussie emissions, safety and environmental standards.


sandstone fireplace Clontarf Sydney

Cladding & Walling.

Anything from various thickness wall cladding to solid walling and split ballast blocks.


Sydney sandstone flagstone paving laid in a random square pattern.

Sawn & Split.

What better to have at your feet or under your bum than Aussie sandstone. It is the easy choice.


sandstone paving, steps with curved walls and split faced capping.

Caps & Steps.

Thicknesses starting at 50mm cut & dressed to your specs we will make sure you get what you want.

Caps & steps