Our current job, April 2018.

 Almost done after a year in North Sydney.

dry pack sandstone walls north sydney council job.
sandstone paving, steps with curved walls and split faced capping.

Memorial to fallen lifesavers, Coogee.

Hundreds of metres of split faced curved sandstone walls using solid sandstone blocks with 2600 stainless steel pins. 100mm thick capping with every join mitred individually to suit the curves and housed out for lighting.

Sandstone paving 50mm laid in stretcher bond pattern cut in to suit walls. Rock faced step treads with lighting, tactiles and cored out for balustrading. Stonemasons hand picked and hand shaped plinths to sculptures specifications.

Quarried on site. Greenwich

Quarried on site. Greenwich.

Theres no better way to colour match 100 year old stonework than to reopen the quarry by excavating a 10 car garage and having us shape the stone to the same specs.

Jamie Duries, Avalon.

  A pleasure to work for people with such great taste. These sandstone walls are splitfaced flag stones laid in a stackstone pattern between railway sleepers with a copper mesh over them.

Sandstone flagging and stack-stone
Sandstone piers and pillars

Sandstone piers extension, Manly.

Additions to old stonework are great. As a result it gives us a chance to do traditional stonework like these large sandstone columns with bevelled caps to suit.

The Watermark Walls, Waverton.

Keeping dozens of residents happy is the challenge on strata jobs. Most of all, hundreds of pedestrians on this one, and we enjoy it.

Sandstone cladding walls with 40mm caps Sydney.

Strata Masons, Mona Vale.

Another job with a dozen customers. Furthermore we managed to lay 50 tons of materials without making anyone park on the street.
130m2 of sandstone walls and columns, 250m2 brick paving and 125m2 of ceramic tiles including 3 stairways, 11 concrete poles to cut around and 19 doors to remove and trim. Without leaving a storeroom door off overnight.
No wonder we were invited and spent Australia day with them.

Sandstone columns and cladding Sydney.
Sandstone pool paving and bluenosed coping.

Himalayan stone, Newport.

You don't have to buy your stone from us, because we are happy to lay stone from anywhere.

Secondhand sandstone, Collaroy.

Some of the colours from second hand sandstone are second to none and if its character you want then theres loads. Most of all, secondhand stone needs so much work that it will end up more expensive but if its a nice colour, strong, cheap and hasent lost all its corners in transit it may be worth while especially if you can make the style cater to the stone not vice versa.

Secondhand sydney sandstone.

International regatta centre, Nepean quarry.

This quarry is considered a mine as far as safety goes consequently there was not a shortage of red tape. Hundreds of metres of pitched stone walls, thousands of metres of rip rap walls and hundreds of thousands of hog rings to assemble and close all those gabion baskets

Rip rap walls , stone pitching and Gabion baskets